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Seattle Oyster Company was formed in 2014 to engage in the business of farming the best Pacific Oysters to sell at their oyster bar in Allyn, Wa. The companies principle product is the Pacific Oyster, grown with care on their farms in the Puget Sound. The Puget Sound tidelands are one of the largest growing areas in the United States.

The farm is modeled after a research study done in Alaska. The principle of the Lentz System is to float  the oysters in bags that will rotate with the tides to protect the oysters and feed them the best nutrients. The Salish sea rotates the oysters twice every day, creating a nice cup shape on the oysters that is clean and aesthetically pleasing. The oceans water is richest in the top 12 inches of water. It has the most sun, air, and nutrients that the oysters eat. The Pacific Oyster takes two years to grow to reach market size.

Oysters are filter feeders, helping to purify and clean the water they pump through their bodies. Since Seattle Oyster Company’s farm produces 500,000 oysters a year, on average our oysters are cleaning 18,250,000 gallons of water in the Puget Sound – making our waters cleaner for generations to come. If you would like to come tour our farm please call the office for dates and locations.

From time to time we lose a piece of equipment from big winter storms. If equipment is found with our name or phone number on it, please contact us and we will collect the item.

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Cook Your Own!

Seattle Oyster Company has a retail shop and beer wine restaurant on the water in Allyn. Come sit with your feet in the water and eat fresh oysters! If you would like to cook your own,  3 grills on the water’s edge are available for use. You can purchase a dozen oysters and some fire wood or BBQ materials and make a memory with your family.