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There are plenty of great places to eat nearby. Even the pickiest eaters can find something to enjoy.
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Find Some Food

Olympic Mountain Ice Cream

Family-owned since 1984, Washington-owned Olympic Mountain Ice Cream serves only the freshest and finest quality ingredients – creating creamy, delicious ice creams in unique gourmet flavors you'll be sure to love.

Seattle Oyster Company

Seattle Oyster Company was formed in 2014 to engage in the business of farming the best Pacific Oysters to sell at their oyster bar in Allyn, Washington. The company's principal product is the Pacific Oyster, grown with care on their farms in the Puget Sound.

The Rice Bowl

The Rice Bowl is a family-owned restaurant that serves a variety of Asian foods. Their food is made to order, and they never use MSG in their food.

Sunset Deli

Stop in and grab a gyro sandwich or a breakfast burrito, they are both great options and you will enjoy every bite of your meal on the go.

The Snack Shack

If you want some concession style food then look no further the snack shop offers that and more. Grab yourself a burger, hotdog, or some fries.
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