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About the Allyn House
The Allyn House Inn is built on the same property where the original Allyn House hotel was located over 120 years ago. The original building was said to have been barged over from "Little Detroit" which was located near the town of Grapeview. Newspaper accounts from the Allyn News in December 1889 talk about the Christmas Gala to be held at the Allyn House.  Over the years the hotel was used as a boarding house and nursing home and in 1970 it had fallen into disrepair and was burned by the fire department.  The land sat empty until 2005 when Richard & Bonnie bought the property and set out to build a new hotel on the site.  The current building is the first of 3 envisioned buildings that would include 38 guestrooms, a small conference room, nicely appointed lobby and retail space.  They have continued to pursue this dream even though the tough economic climate has kept them for moving forward as quickly as they had hoped.

Allyn House Inn 2010
North Bay Kayak occupies the ground level - the guest unit is upstairs

Proud Members of Washington State Hotel & Lodging Association, North Mason Chamber of Commerce and Allyn Community Association